Poem: We are not Turkana “reflections on the effect of injustice on a once proud people”

Of all the poems I have ever read, this is my very best. It captures the bewilderment, grief and pain of the African caught up in a dehumanizing colonial economy. The once proud people of Turkana were pushed out of their land, by a colonial master who thought that “Agriculture was civilization, and pastoralism was primitive and barbaric”. see  R.M A Zwaneberg Turkana region, northern Kenya. August 2011.

This poem was compiled by Prof Adegi Awuondo’s Turkana informants as he studied  the effect of poverty, driven by colonial grabbing of their land, which had reduced them to walking skeletons who were now wholly dependent on relief food. They no longer regarded themselves as human, for to them to be human is to be Turkana, and to be a Turkana is to be self-reliant.

Cited out of Paper by Hannah Kinoti in book, Vision for a Bright Africa. Facing the challenges of developent.

We are not Turkana,

We are not Turkana,

The people you see in the famine camp

Are not TurkanaImage by: Wernher Krutein / Photovault.com© Photovault.com  2006

The Turkana are up in the mountains

Tending their stock.

Those who are here are desititutes,

Maa-sikini, people who have lost their

Turkana identity.

To be Turkana means;

To own livestockTurkana cattle

To be well fed in milk, meat and blood,

To have wives and children who bathe inTurkana woman ghee

Milk and ghee,

To be held in high regard as managers of


Today we are not men, we are animals.

We are now fed on Muchanga –soil, filth, sand

By government and we diarrhoea, and ourTukana kids

Children develop overgrown bellies.

We are not Turkana.

We as Africans must never loose sight of who we are as a people. We should never accept the current tragic circumstances where we find ourselves at a loss of culture, mutual respect or a sense of community sharing. We should keep the image of ourselves as a proud hard working people who have culture, provide for our families and keep the faith. Turkana elder heaven


French homosexualist arrested for disrupting African Religious Assembly

I had a most frustrating Sunday. A duo of french journalists interrupted my church service with homosexualist obsession, and I had to call the police to have them arrested for practicing journalism in the country without permission. In addition they were harrassing for faiure to appreciate the good things in the deviant sexual practices of homosexuality.

Martin Weil is a young man who hosts some kind of tv show in France, which I have never seen. He came with the intention of learning about HIV but was really an agent of homosexualists. I gave him two conditions, that it that he must not use my interview to mock or denigrate me or my people for the 10 miniutes which I gave him. I also told him I would ask him a few questions as well.  He signed a document promising the same, and then proceeded to  interview me why Africans dont like homosexuality. I answered him explaining to him how our African Elders give us guidance in matters of marriage and sex, and that we cannot marry within clan for genetic purposes and neither do we practice sodomy. It being evil, and an abomination where no children are born.

I also shared about the problems of HIV, where many studies in subsaharan Afriac show that homosexuals are ten times more likely to have and carry HIV than straight men (Lancet 2009). We as people who are concerned in fighting HIV realize that the vice of sodomy is a major driver in HIV which must be suppressed to stop the spread of the disease.

Finally I explained to him our faith, both Christian and Moslem which finds sodomy as an abomination. He kept asking why I was personally offended by sodom, to which I told him that for us as Africans we are a people of community. Our values and mores are communal not individual. The African lives by the ethic, “I am because we are” Unlike Europe where the individualistic ethic is the value, with the ethic “I am because I am”.

In the next five minutes, I did interview him asking him why he was not moved by the carnage of the evidence I had given him. Was he married. Did he have friends who did sodomy, and would he warn them to stop if he knew it would cause them HIV/AIDS. In this case he told me that his friends actually found pleasure in sodomy, and they could protect themselves. In the end I appealed him to grow up, get married and be a fully grown man with beard of responsibility.  I walked away after telling him three times that his 10 minute interview was over.

Unfortnately he shouted at me, following me with defamatory and offensive homosexualist hate speech. He stood infront of me, and blocked me which attacking me verbally. I could not take it, and asked the intervew recording to stop. They continued, and I had to ask the hotel security  and eventually the police to come and intervene. When asked for media certification to practice journalism in the country, they did not have any and they said they hoped to get it in the week coming.

I asked for the police to save me from these offensive young men, who need guidance on how to behave when you are not in the sodom part of paris. Eventualy they had to call their French Envoy to come and he mediated with their lawyer to give me an apology so they can go. Unfortunately my demand for handing over the offensive part of the interview was not given as they must have felt that it is better try and mock, defame me and my fellow African. This all because of our moral, cultural and religious repugnance to the vice of sodom.

Here are a few photos and videos from the day.DSC_0094 Picture 7 Picture 3 Picture 2





President Uhuru Kenyatta and team

Something just did not sit well with me on the BBCs coverage of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Lodon to attend the somalia conference. I got the tweeter headlines reffering to President Uhuru constantly as the , “ICC suspect” “ICC indictee’ “suspected war criminal’ from the BBC and other English dailies which bothered me. Here is the BBC story Indicted Kenyan PM Uhuru Kenyatta to meet UK’s David Cameron As I reflected on what bothered me, I concluded that whereas it was true that President Uhuru is a has been charged by the ICC, these are still allegations. Indeed before the law, everybody is innocent until proved guilty, yet it seems that in the haste and bias, BBC and the European papers seems to have judged Uhuru Kenyatta as guilty already and are busy defining him in light of these allegations.

Secondly a man cannot be defined or introduced by his allegations as the major headline. This is a president of a sovereign African country who was democratically chosen by his people! It is he who is going to officiate the somali conference which sets the context of the visit. If the visit was about ICC, it would make sense to lead with such venom filled, and you are already guilty headlines. It just bothered me, and I did tweet BBC asking them to change their offensive editorial posturing which seems to frame Uhuru as a guilty of his allegations. There are many more great things to define Uhuru Kenyatta than the ICC allegations, and I am sure BBC know this.

Allegations concerning Barack Obamas birth certificate were not used by BBC to constantly reffer to BO in the frame of a birth certificate suspect! Even when he had several cases in the courts, he was never constantly typecast as guilty or a walking criminal as is being done to Uhuru Kenyatta! BBC has its own senior admistrator Saville who has been charged for sexual molestation and gross sexual crimes but they dont keep defining themselves as BBC the home of saville the indicted sexual abuser! It is an affront to many of us who wish equal treatment of all, black and white to see Uhuru treated in such a denigrating way by the BBC! Every man, including President Uhuru Kenyatta is innocent UNTIL proved guilty. UK must be accorded the highest diplomatic respect as our East African leader.

BBC and David Cameron have a conflict of interest in this situation, since they are one of the gang of three top donors of the court. Germany is the leader, followed by France and United Kingdom. Here is the most recent annual financial report which shows that fact. ICC financial report 2012 Interestingly it shows that if the case against Uhuru gets delayed, it will discredit the ICC and negatively affect those who are charged. I really wonder if United Kingdom, which has not yet settled its criminal gross human rights violations against Kenyans during the Mau Mau times, does not have a conflict of interest in being one most interested in paying for the legal feese to ICC charge Uhuru Kenyatta!

I just find it offensive that BBC and others would seek to define the president elect in the mantle of the allegations, instead of defining him in the many facts which he has achieved up to date. And diplomacy which demands that respect and mutual reciprocity be upheld without bias seems to have evaporated in the Lodon. Time for sanity to return.